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Inspired by the aesthetics of vases and humidifiers, the product boasts a sleek and stylish exterior in a sophisticated black colour scheme, adding a touch of elegance and artistry to your home.
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  • Advanced 5G technology will provide users with faster internet browsing, improved video streaming, and an enhanced gaming experience.

  • Powerful end-to-end device management system for easy and fast operation.

  • It adopts the latest fashionable color style in the world, with simple and stylist design and clear and smooth figure.

  • Compatible with IoT applications and design, it supports connection to multiple devices, and is widely used in smart homes, smart offices, the industrial Internet, and other fields.

Build your network: 5G mmWave and CBRS n48

Take control of your network connectivity and benefit from the flexibility and speed of 5G Sub6 n48 or mmWave. Connect multiple devices, buildings, and locations to a single network, creating a seamless and reliable experience. From a small office, large campus, or global enterprise, 5G fixed wireless access provides a customizable, and cost-effective solution to building your own network infrastructure.

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