START USA, INC. (hereinafter referred to as “START”) offers you a limited warranty that extends for the first twelve (12) month period to the original purchaser from the date of original purchase with proof of purchase. which is coded on the product label (“Warranty Period”). Should the Product, inbox accessories or any part during normal consumer usage and conditions be proven defective in material or workmanship that results in Product failure, such defect(s) will be repaired or replaced (with new or rebuilt parts) at START ‘s discretion, without charge for parts or labor directly related to the defect.
The warranty is not covered as follows:
1. Warranty claims outside of the Product warranty Period.
2. Damage or defects caused by using the Product other than in the normal course.
3. Defects or damages resulting from accidental, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized repair, improper installation, or other acts which are not the fault of START.
4. Defects or damage resulting from excessive force or use of a metallic object when pressing the touch screen.
5. Product with altered, defaced or removed serial number.
6. Damage resulting from use of accessories not approved by START.
7. Damage from exposure to moisture, humidity, excessive temperature or extreme environment.
8. Liquid damage due to not properly sealed/locked accessories, ports and or battery latches of water resistance devices.
9. All surfaces and externally exposed parts that are scratched or damaged due to normal customer use.
10. All software, including operating system software, third-party software, applications, and all other software of any kind.
11. Damage caused by ordinary wear and tear of the Product.
12. Customer abuse or other physical abuse or mistreatment of Product as evidenced by:
       a. Missing required faceplate.
       b. Damaged LCD or Lens (e.g., the product is either broken, cracked, smashed, bleeding, etc.
       c. IMEI is unreadable electronically or due to missing or altered serial number, IMEI and/or reliance date label so as to affect readability.
       d. Missing keys beyond normal wear and tear.
       e. Unapproved Product modification.
       f. Visible Product surface physical damage resulting in product being smashed, chewed, gouged, burned or melted.
      g. Liquid damage as evidenced by submission in liquid or any other evidence of liquid ingress, including corrosion of any of the connections and noticeable excessive residue.
There are some components of current START products, such as hard drives, batteries, and power supplies that will have warranty lengths that differ from the underlying START product.
If you need a warranty, please provide the original proof of purchase (such as invoices, receipts, etc.), contact the Vendor or START, and carry out the warranty in accordance with its specified procedures and locations. After the Vendor or START receives the warranty application, the product will be tested to determine whether it meets the warranty conditions. If the warranty conditions are met, the Vendor or START will repair or replace the product free of charge; If the warranty is exceeded, the Vendor or START will inform the user and provide paid repair or replacement options.
Limitation of Liabilities
START shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages, including but not limited to loss of revenue or profit, loss of data, etc. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers.
Please note that the specific warranty may vary from Vendor or START, please refer to the actual product warranty. To obtain warranty service, please send the email to support@start.inc.

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