START USA, INC. offers a recycling program through its partner OEM Recycling Solutions LLC, which allows START’s customers to return certain START or START ODM branded products for recycling free of charge. To access the program simply click the link below and follow the instructions to return your product: or contact
You are responsible for all confidential data that may be stored on the device. Before you ship any device for recycling, you are responsible for
(a) deleting the data on the device;
(b) backing up or transferring any data prior to deletion;
(c) removing any removable media, such as memory cards, etc.
Neither START USA, INC. nor OEM Recycling Solutions LLC, nor any other third party (including shipping service) will accept liability for lost data or software or dissemination of confidential information.
For additional information about the Maryland Statewide Electronics Recycling Program, please click

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