Closer to Your Life, Smarter to Your World

  • 5G Dongle

    Compatible with multiple systems, easy to use. Qualcomm 5G chips provide a fast and reliable internet experience with low delay.

  • Tracker

    Accurate positioning, real-time tracking, intelligent reminders, ensuring safety and peace of mind, remote control, making it easy to locate objects. Exceptional compatibility, suitable for various scenarios. Stable connection and fast transmission. Compact design, effortless to carry.

  • Wearable

    Smart watch, empowering a healthier lifestyle. Monitor your heart rate to safeguard your cardiovascular health. Track your exercises to support your fitness program. Sleep tracking to enhance your sleep quality. Smart reminders, taking care of your daily life. Long battery life, ensuring a seamless user experience. Stylishly designed to reflect your personal style.

  • IP Camera

    HD quality, capture every wonderful moment. Night mode supported for protecting your peaceful nights. Ultra-wide lens for clear view. Smartly track and lock questionable moving targets, view in real-time on cloud storage, and protect your privacy for secure data.

  • Home Phone

    Stable connection, providing a smooth user experience. Simple design and high-quality materials for durability. Multifunctional interface to meet various needs. Intelligent management for easy configuration. Energy-saving with low power consumption.


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